Book Designing Jewelry with Rhinoceros
Designing Jewelry with Rhinoceros

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“Designing Jewelry with Rhinoceros” is a book to meet the needs in the 3D jewel market that use Rhinoceros software. Is a complete and instructive material regarding 3D modeling. The book has 356 pages distributed in 17 chapters covering the whole modeling process, from the starting point of the software to the final production of the jewel (Rhinoceros Version 4).

The book’s method is based on step-by-step exercises, totally illustrade, wich teach modeling of many types of jewelry, from the first sketches, to the 3D modeling all the way to the most indicate production process.

In all the exercises of the more than 25 pieces taught in the book, there are many tips regarding jewelry, with curiosities and technical details about the use of materials, weight of jewels, production types and tips regarding the software which make the designer work easier, even for those who have never use the graphics software.

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